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Testimonials from those working with Rich Designs:

I appreciate you doing it with ONE pass.
– Communications Mgr. | Corporate Communications - NY

You have been the best part of being in sales. You have not only been a great client but I have considered you a friend. All the best to you!!!
– retiring owner | San Diego Printers

Thanks for all your support on this one. You do beautiful work. I really appreciate what you do for us!
– Marketing Communications Mgr. | technology company - CA

Many thanks for your high standard of work and effort to get this to print on time. Your support is very much appreciated.
– Marketing & Sales, Europe | technology company - Ireland

Just a q‎uick note to say thanks for all your support. We looked mighty professional at the show this week, thanks to your great job and hard work. Much appreciated!!
– Director, Naval Communications & ISR BD | technology company - Canada

Hey Linda, was glad to see your name came up again and I rest at ease knowing you are working your magic once again to make us look good!
– Communications Dept. | technology company - GA

You guys are amazing!!!!!!! Thank you for working through the churn and stress!!!! You are absolute pros. I look forward to doing much more work together (as I have an entire laundry list of things to get done). Well done and again thank you for your partnership!
– Director, Organizational Development | technology company - CA

Thanks, this is really good. You are a hero.
– Mgr., International Sales | technology company - CA

We really appreciate all the assistance you provide us and apologize for the last minute changes. Try as we might, it seems we never get ahead of the game.
– Communications Dept. | technology company - OH

Thank you for all your hard work in making this year's event a rousing success. The books, posters and gift bags turned out amazing! So, thank you for making me look so good. Much, much, much appreciated.
– Business Development Mgr. | Corporate Business Development - NY

The sell sheet was a great success at the conference. Your attention to detail and accelerated work paid off for us. Thanks again.
– Marketing Dept. | technology company - MI

Thanks again for all of your support — you are amazing, talented, super flexible, awesomely responsive and very nice to work with.
– VP of Business Development | technology company - MD

Outstanding. How are you gonna get "better" if you are consistently the best? Thanks, Linda. This and the cover are perfect.
– Business Development Mgr. | Corporate Business Development - NY

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your design skills and ideas that went together to make the show a big success for us! Thanks again and I'm looking forward to working together soon!
– Head of Marketing & Communications | technology company - UK

Absolutely love the ads, exactly what I had hoped for.
– Business Development Director | technology company - OH

The logos look great. You've done such an amazing job on all these logo variations.
– Business Development Specialist | technology company - Canada

I was told the booth look AMAZING!
– Marketing Communications Mgr. | technology company - CA

You. You're good at what you do. I love it. Big thumbs up.
– Business Development Mgr. | Corporate Business Development - NY (on Technology Exchange event signs, welcome poster)

Thanks again for your support, you do great work!!
– VP, Business Development | technology company - Canada

[in reply to me saying "You know me… I went the extra mile to provide more variations on that one."] Yes I do, great over the top efforts every time! Good work Linda!
– Business Development Director | technology company - MI

If I had a "That was easy" button, I'd hit a few times. Thanks Linda! – Program Manager | technology company - FL

Thank you for all your assistance with this new layout. I think our message is so clear with the pictures that the customer will not have to guess what we provide. Great job!
– Sr. Marketing Communications Manager | technology company - CA

Ran the ad by our Department Vice President late yesterday. He is extremely impressed and grateful for all your efforts.
– Program Mgr. | technology company - CA

The show went very well and the graphics looked great. Thanks for all your help – we couldn't have done it without you.
– Manager, Business Development Support | technology company - Canada

…one of the most professional graphic designers I have worked alongside in my 22 years.
– CSR | printing company in Las Vegas, NV

Below is a letter from an Army soldier about the ad that you designed. He was one of the soldiers featured in the photo you used.
– Marketing Communications Mgr. | technology company - TX

Soldier in ad "A friend contacted me about a picture he saw while reading the May 2009 issue of Air Force magazine (Journal of the Air Force Association - He's a member) when he saw on page 151 an ad for L3 Communications/Alenia C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft. I looked at the picture he sent me and there I was, standing with two other soldiers. I was hoping you would be able to send me a copy of that issue or maybe a copy of the ad. Most soldiers never find themselves in a situation where their lives depend on the support of others. After 100 fire fights, one helo rescue, and the successful rescue mission of a downed Blackhawk carrying three U.S. Senators (one of those Senators is now the Vice President of the United States). Believe me when I tell you I do! When my gear works when its needed most, I know that men and women like your team have done all they could to help me. Thank you again and God speed.

"P.S That picture was taken in Tagab Valley Afghanistan. The men in that unit won 5 bronze stars, 2 army commendation medals with valor device (the 5th highest award for valor) 2 purple hearts, 8 army commendation medals, 42 Army achievement medals, and was reported to have been the most heavily engaged unit in all of Afghanistan in 2007. Your ad not only honors all your hard work, your ad truly honors the soldiers who fought the true fight! Thank you again." [name withheld]

I suspect you heard that the graphics worked out great for the show – we were able to post all 3 posters in very prominent locations in the booth and I think they directly contributed to the terrific response we got from the attendees; thanks for all your help in making that happen.
– Vice President | technology company - OH

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